Nova res:pite

recovery engagement service:  pathways in to engagement

Nova res:pite offers the opportunity to re-establish or engage in recovery from addiction. A short-term and supportive, respite-type service, designed to respond to service users’ needs pre or post treatment.

res:pite is designed for service-users who may have been in treatment and may need additional support to re-establish their recovery journey. They may have relapsed, be at risk of relapsing, or are particularly vulnerable. The service offers a safe and secure environment, re-establishing recovery-oriented routines and re-building recovery networks and ‘capital’. res:pite is also appropriate for service-users accepted for treatment, but whose progress is halted due to the availability of such treatment. The service offers the opportunity to engage in recovery-oriented activity and support, in a safe and secure environment, in preparation for longer term treatment, rehabilitation and recovery.

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